Weekly Summary: 17.11.14 – 23.11.14

by Beauchamp Art

Savorr - Driver & Liles - 16
This week I have mostly been working on my dissertation; having wrote considerable over the recommended amount, and more than the upper word limit, it took a great deal of editing to find the crux of my argument. Going from 2000 to 16,000, and back down to just under 10,000 was straining, but very interesting, as it meant I could refine my essay to focusing on the information overload, and cut out irrelevant material to go towards other future writings.

To reinforce my essay, I have been looking over previous research as well as some artists that recently been recommended to me. However, I mostly used work I was previous aware of, or had come up in texts, though using Cecile B. Evans’ AGNES was effective, as I had first hand experience working with the artist at a previous workshop, and have heard her lecture twice. Nevertheless, when I comes to redrafting, I hope to expand my artist led-discussions throughout the text, using fewer pieces often.

Having documented Henry and Rebecca’s work, I was then recruited to photograph the rest of the Savorr XII exhibition. I have already edited Henry’s photos, but will leave the rest until after hand-in, as I need to sort out my own work first, since there is a lot of annotating to do.