Redrafting Considerations for BA8

by Beauchamp Art

The draft that I submitted is currently divided into three primary sections, and it is likely that when it comes to redrafting, that two of those areas will be removed, or consolidated into the main area that shall be the focal point of the essay. This will most probably involve focus on whether the information overload can be a tool for censorship? This came about through an initial re-reading of the text with one of my peers, suggesting that I reword the phrase ‘The information overload can be a tool for censorship’ into a question.
This would then focus my argument even more so, and thus result in a more comprehensive essay. It would also enable me to go further with some point regarding structuralism and how the focus on the aesthetics of the media in art is a political and sociological concern, not simply pointing out unusual optical phenomena, but how the relationship to those structure of media can be used as a means of stimulating or nullifying political action, particularly within visual media.