Football’s Colours

by Beauchamp Art

In response to Kelly Brigg’s research post:

Football teams – belonging through colour in everyday – everyday association

Neo-Tribalism, cults of the ordinary, hot-houses for hatred and bigotry.

No where is else is racism and sexism so celebrated as in sport; no where else is it so publicly encouraged. Such tribalism does not simply encourage the promotion of one nation or teams superiority over another, but the active dehumanisation of the inferior other.

I do not care for sport because of how it is represented in the media reduces the genuine efforts and accomplishments of the sportspersons to a secondary, negligible position, regardless of their motivations for participating, narcissistic or otherwise. They are used to segregate and dis-empower the masses trough perpetual infighting and bolster nationalist tendencies.

They cry ‘we are greater then them’, in any number of words, and in doing so destroy any possibility for egalitarian progress.

Football, especially, targets the working class, not only as an erroneous marketing exercise; selling clan colours made in by the lowest bidder in sweat-shops, but as a means of fragmenting them into a powerless mess. disenfranchised by themselves, subsidising this apathy with football franchise, and the godlike players who perform before them.

Football and other sports breaks apart communities by promising them unity through a clan culture.

Football is not black and white, but red.

Football’s colours are always red; red faced, red blooded, red with anger, apathy and frustration, red with the cracks torn through communities, red as the streets run wild in the fires of mob violence, red with the demonised working class, red with hate for the other, red for screaming throats in the colosseums of the age, red for the bloodied knuckles and knees or trampling masses, red for the haze that descends obscuring and infiltrating, red for the hot-heads and red for all the tribes that bleed together, reed for the rivers that flow in their veins, red for their bodies bruised, red in the eyes of the oppressor, red for the colour of sport and the colour of the people is always red, red is flesh, defiled and disintegrated, red is the segregation  and the bonds that break, red is the isolation of the disenfranchised, red is fanaticism and the fantasy of collectivism force fed by Football.