Weekly Summary – 24.11.14 – 28.11.14

by Beauchamp Art

M1 [Stills] - 03

Preparation for submission is always a tumultuous affair. There are files to organise, papers to print, double check, cross check, upload, download, convert, export, format, reformat, and generally do all the things that seem like a tremendously ineffective use of time, but are necessary for the presentability of my work, especially the chaotic form and subject matter that tends to be involved.
However, having the Dissertation draft behind me, I have been able to focus on organising current works, though any in-progress ideas will have to be postponed for next week.

Although I was intending to apply for Extenuating Circumstance for this unit, due to a series of family bereavements, due to a lack of response from Student Support, I abandoned this premiss, and hope that the events that have taken place over the course of the last year, culminating in the summer, and again last week with the death of a friend from my neighbouring village, will not have an affect on my grade, as it has been kept mostly out of mind, though the Epitaph pieces do indicate its recurring presence, along with general considerations around the archive and memory.

Although I feel as though I have done a fair amount of visual research for this unit along side reading, I am not sure that I have shown it very well. However, I think it comes through in the rest of my work, so hopefully I will do alright.

Retina Display [Stills] - 02