Digital: 3D Torso – Z Man

by Beauchamp Art

Zbrush - Figure 1 - Detail

This is my first attempt at using Z-Brush for making a 3D graphical sculpture, and so far it seems to be going fairly well.

It started as a randomly stretched blob which was then morphed into a torso. From this I started working in more detail, and added another ball to form the head. Working without reference was both difficult but freeing, and I inadvertently started producing a bearded figure that somewhat resembled my grandfather, so I pursued the idea further, so as to digitally embody the ‘virtual corpse’. However, as this is only my first attempt, I may not pursue this to the point of producing a simulacrum that aspires to reality, and this should primarily be considered a technical, if nostalgic, exercise.

Zbrush - Figure 1 - Torso