Photos: November Fog

by Beauchamp Art

November Fog - 06

November Fog

Photo of fog at the end of November, in central-suburban Norwich.

The image of the van, barely illuminated by the outside light of a set of flats in a central-suburban area of the city, draped in a shivering blanket of November Fog, formed the basis for the short series of images taken somewhere around midnight. The area lay still in a restful chill that soaked the ambient light of street-lights, producing a dull haze that graced the environment blankly.

What is interesting about Norwich, which is especially noticeable a night, unless your by one of the clubs by Prince of Wales Street, is how little movement disturbed the city, detached from the industrial explosions that reverberate around places like London, or Leeds.

November Fog is a brief glimpse of a quiet place, surrounding new-builds and uneventfulness, cold as it was away from heated homely halls and exchanges the data smog of the indoor, post-Fordist, perpetual work-place for the unmoving vacancy of hanging fog, extending the grasp of obscuring darkness. The van, and the rest of the series, is banal, cliched iconography that conjures no new thoughts into the mind of the viewer; the electric light of pure information reveals nothing of interest, merely shining a light on insubstantial fog.

November Fog - 05 November Fog - 01