Photos: Savorr Installation

by Beauchamp Art

Savorr Installation - 30

Savorr Installation

Documentation of the Savorr XII: Ensemble exhibition, at the Norwich Undercroft.
Taken for commission; my work was not featured in the show, however, some of my peers’ pieces were on display. Some of these images were included in the BA7 submission, specifically those taken at the private view and those of Henry Driver & Rebecca Liles’ collaborative installation. However, these photographs documenting the works in the exhibition, and the video, were complete slightly later on, after being requested to take images of the works as documentation, rather than with an audience as with the opening event.

Savorr – Driver & Liles

This came following a request from Henry and Rebecca to photograph their work. Whilst undergoing this take, the organiser of exhibition, Henry Jackson Newcomb, requested that I document the exhibition after seeing the images of my peer’s work, and the additional photographs I took at the opening event, which were also featured in the local media press coverage.


Contemporary art exhibition at The Undercroft in Norwich


One of these images was also featured in a Fine Art briefing, with the accreditation. Although the event photos were taken by me, due to the timing of my previous unit submission and when the photos were needed for the press release, I was unable to edit them. However, these documentary photographs featured my post production, and provided an interesting task and a good opportunity to experiment with the contrasting tonal values of the screen and environment, finding a balance between the two. Moreover, a photo from this series is now the cover photo on the Savorr Facebook page.

Savorr Installation - 44

As the photos needed to be show in situ upon request from the event organiser as well as the galleries from which some of the works were on loan, including Gillian Wearing’s Dancing in Peckham and some of the other music, dance, and rhythm based works (which were evidently influential on my own practice, in the EchoReFlex performance/video, in which I dance as a lonely spectacle amongst video feedback and a remixed news theme, leading into Twenty-Four Hour Delirium Rhythm, which was composited together using the musical arrangement as the framework for the piece, which was eventually subverted in further noise).

Savorr Installation - 46