Research: Twitter Use Infomap

by Beauchamp Art /tumblr_ng80l7U2B21qm0idto2_1280.png

Whose been Tweeting in uni? Find out that, and where all other Twitter posts in the world are coming from.

(The data nicely correlates with wealth+density data; where there’s lots of tweets, there’s money amongst the masses)

The Independent

“The Internet as a communal apartment of [the] Stalin era: no privacy, everybody spies on everybody else, [an] always present line for common areas. […] A new, Mass Panopticon […] complete transparency, everybody can track everybody else” [Manovich, 2009]


Manovich, L. (2009) On Totalitarian Interactivity. Accessed 13.6.2009 Cited in Galloway, A. R. (2012) The Interface Effect (Paperback). Cambridge, UK. Polity Press.” 7