Weekly Summary – 29.11.14 – 7.12.14

by Beauchamp Art

November Fog - 02

November Fog

This week following hand is has featured a necessary bout of inertia; though my production has been lower than usual, it has not cease.

Having attended the Interchange day of events; I undertook a one-on-one talk with the university’s social and online media organiser, went along to a talk on Z-Brush 3D sculpting software, and attended a Zoetrope animation workshop. All of which were useful in there own ways. The social media talk turned into more of a broader discussion on the role of such media, on top of the central theme of using online media as a way of demonstrating professional practice, and using site like Facebook tentatively. The Z-Brush talk was only an overview, but gave me the motivation to try out the software, and lead to an interesting first experiment. The Zoetrope workshop was quite fun, and gave me the opportunity to combine my drawing practice with the animation techniques I have been experimenting with; and could provide an interesting means of displaying film or short GIF-like animations with the loop of the media built into the hardware of its display.

Furthermore, the Student Rep and SU meetings gave a useful oversight of the university’s ongoing functioning, and provide debate on the use of SU funding for the N170 anniversary, whether to put money into short-term celebrations, or long-term investments for improving the university culture.



Nevertheless, there was a low student turn out for all of these events, which was a bit of a shame but understandable given the post-hand in malaise. I, for one, have taken the opportunity to thoroughly research the practical and graphical applications of contemporary videogames through direct and sustained interaction with this media.

I was also commissioned to document the Installation of of the Savorr XII exhibition, following the success of the photos of the opening event.

Moreover, I received my mark and feedback for my BA7 submission, and came out with a reasonable 72%, with some very positive feedback, though I need to trim the fat off my work, and make sure I thoroughly check through written materials. As I got 80-100% in two of the Learning Objectives I was most pleased, though this means I need to focus on the weaker areas of my work to bring them up to a similar standard, though I will discuss this with my tutors next week, and reflect on it more thoroughly then.


Zoetrope GIF

Savorr Installation - 30