Photos: Henry and Neil Display

by Beauchamp Art

H&N Display - 18

Henry and Neil Display

Documenting Henry Driver’s visual accompaniment to the music of Neil James Earl, focusing on the dynamics of the multi-screen display.


These photos focus on the dynamics of the multi-screen display, closely examining the visual qualities of the varied surfaces, contrasting the analogue CRT and digital plasma screen television sets, drawing attention to key moments in the spontaneously generated visual material. as opposed to using and distorting photographic or pre-rendered pictures, the imagery being produced here exclusively featured generated imagery using a combination of video synthesisers and distortion pads, making use of feedback to expand upon a glitch-like aesthetic. Given the vibrant colour range in some of visuals dusting the camera to best capture these effects took some gradual adjustment of the camera settings, but I also had to keep in mind the different qualities of each screen, and the varying refresh rates, to prevent a rolling shutter strobing effect. The post-production mostly involved minor lighting adjustments, though some cooer modifications had to be made, I nevertheless wanted to preserve the original quality of each images, as well as the focal depth of the camera across each screen, to make the pictures seem less ‘flat’.

H&N Display - 15

H&N Display - 10