Photos: Henry and Neil Installation

by Beauchamp Art

H&N Installation - 06

Henry and Neil Installation

In these images I was working in collaboration as the photographer for with Henry Driver’s visual accompaniment to the live synthesised music of Neil James Earl. These experiments were undertaken in a domestic setting in preparation for upcoming performances. This meant that I had the opportunity to liberal use of the space around the screens in order to capture the greatest range of material that best reflected the quality of the work.

Documenting Henry Driver’s visual accompaniment to the music of Neil James Earl.


This selection of images focused on the imagery being generate on the screen within a spacial relationship with one another, contrasting the scale and colour diffusion of the smaller monitors to the larger CRTs, as well as some of the surrounding room in the immediate vicinity (though as the location was not relevant to the set up or imagery, I did not want to include to much, or it may detract from the focal point of the series). I made more local adjustments for each of theses images than the other two sets, as I thought that having the screen fully illuminated along with some of the inner frame, but not the out frame, would be the best way to demonstrate the visuals. This meant some of the linear areas outside of the screens and the wall behind the televisions were darkened, though the carpet did not require an notable modification. Hopefully, this meant that there would be a minimal level of grain in the glow from the screens, as given the tonal contrast and the ISO settings, this could have been problematic.

Moreover, due to the re-posturing myself and the camera slightly further away from the screens, and an abutment of the exposure settings meant that there was some minor strobing evident, but it did not extract from the visuals, and was not a source of further complaint and neither did my rolling around on the floor to get photos from various angles, disrupting the view of the screens, but as this was an informal demonstration, this was without consequence. These photos were well received by Henry & Neil, and subsequently lead to further photographic opportunities.

H&N Installation - 12

H&N Installation - 05