Weekly Summary – 8.12.14 – 14.12.14

by Beauchamp Art

H&N Installation - 15

The feedback I received from Mark and Victoria was useful, and it appears that I shall not have to do as much redrafting of my dissertation as I thought, given the fairly exemplary marks I received for those Learning Objectives, and this will allow me to focus more on my studio work and ideas for the the degree show; which I was slightly lacking in this unit. I will continue to tinker with my essay, and do other writing, but I shall try and tie in my own practices and the specific analysis of my pieces with the continued critical reading. With marks ranging from the 60s to 80s resulting in a reasonable 72, it is clear there are still areas of improvement, but I am also not totally dissatisfied, as it is my best grade yet, in line with my overall trajectory.

The Student Rep meeting gave an overview of the various current efforts of the university, and was in more of a lecture format than previous ones, however, as I have attended all of the previous meetings, I was hearing some information over again.

A positive note to end the year was regarding the provision of Life Drawing classes after the winter break, thanks to the combined efforts of myself, and Erin & Lauren, from Illustrations; representing the Drawing and Comics societies, as well as wider interest, that has been negotiated through various levels of staff, and will hopefully lead to the sustained provision of open acess session for my peers to partake in (as the sessions will be on Wednesday afternoons, I may have to renegotiate my Library shift, or shall miss the opportunity I hare fought for). This was fed back to the Drawing Society at a very successful mid-week meeting in which around 12 of us drew at the Playhouse.

Before retreating from Norwich, I made use of the facilities and attempted more 3D graphical sculpture using Z-Brush, with some success, as well as photographing a collaboration between Henry and Neil, involving a multi-screen video display. In addition to gathering more books for my two weeks in the isolated North, where I may photograph mobile phone signal black-spots, as the rural area has an abundances of areas of digital dislocation.