Film: November Fog

by Beauchamp Art

November Fog

November Fog is an edited version of the Fog Vignette, without the transitions, a slightly cooler, more muted palette, and the more musical aspect of the audio drone amplified.

The piece still sustains the moving-picture aesthetic, of near-static, anti-filmic visual lethargy (more stylistically influenced by Andrei Tarkovsky than Jean-Luc Godard, though not as bleak as the former and an unromantic antithesis to the latter)

These images were taken at the end of November 2014, after the submission for the previous unit, so has been included with more recent works, though is not to be contemplated too thoroughly as there were primarily an atmospheric and aesthetic exorcise and a means of practising film making for more serious endeavours.

Though it is, nevertheless, a fairly pleasing work that hints at urban isolationism within the banality of the newly built inner city suburban areas within the city of Norwich; a city whose medieval market and agricultural history stills ring today, unlike the bell making and the nearly redundant textiles industries. It is still strange to think that anywhere in this busy country can still be nearly silent at night, where you can walk from one end of the place to the other for an hour or so in the midnight ours and not come across another person, besides the occasional 3am taxi to nowhere or the midnight joggers, keen to use the last of their energy productively in the dwindling moments of the day.

Norwich is the city for people who do not care for cities. Its a village that’s expanded into a city in scale, but still remains a village, or at the most a moderate market town. At night away from the city centre it bares a great resemblance to the rural market communities dotted around the countryside.

It is an uncomplicated place  and has these moments when the street lights hum and the air is dense with a cool static fog when it seems totally still, out of time (similar to the Silent Hill video game franchise, but far less ominous) oscillating only to a looming resonance, murmuring before the next day wakes.

“Staring onward, as time stands still. Devoid of tribulation, while time stands still. Starlight breaks this darkened haze, filter through decay. Moonstruck children indisposed, malignant culture thriving on. Defile the sanctum, of this place” [Wolves in the Throne Room, 2009].

November Fog [Stills] - 01

November Fog Vignette [Stills]



This a work-in-progress version of the video is only available online. It feature much of the same content, just without the transparency overlap between the clips, as well as a few other minor alterations





  • Wolves in the Throne Room. (2009) A Looming Resonance. Malevolent Grain [Album] Southern Lord, Conspiracy. USA