Social Media Pornography and Sextortion

by Beauchamp Art

Write about tumblr porn and social media self published erotica.


…Though the control of the format may also be seen as a means of Retaking control over the body, though it is willingly lost to the Internet. Like any form of sex related work, production or publication, it becomes ethically problematic when considering the free will of the manufacturer and the motive of the distributor, which is primarily profit, although sites like tumblr may also boast the apparent artistic content of the materials. Nevertheless, even in popular mass pornographic Libertarianism, the individual’s benefit is secondary to the business, but portrayed as the primary concern.

Not limited to Facebook, in all social-sexual media, we are the product, though we may also be the secondary marketer when undergoing prosumptive activities. Personal material mix with porn furthers the personalised and personable material that may be seen to rehumanise the pornographic figure, though the mediation of what is shown, on a blog or personal websites, as well as the limitations of the medium may undermine this humanism, creating an internal conflict which may possibly considered typical of both post humanism, decentralising the man from the centre of social discussion, allowing for a multifaceted, multi-functional self which may also exemplify post media’s multiplicit simultaneity.

The image of the individual is product, representation, embodiment and extension. Self published Social media pornographic erotica could be seen to effectively illustrate all if these in unison. And the purposes of such images is not limited to the sole intent of the original author but also the appropriator, the reblogger, the decontextualised viewer.

The death if the author may be shown no better than a person image of the body being seen online as fantasy fodder, the image unintentionally becoming pornographic, or conversely the pornographic becoming personal, emotive.

Social media may, somewhat awkwardly provide the appropriate platform for a means of producing sexual imagery that is severed from the defiling hands of the Porn industry, until it is ultimately to be reappropriated by the source of the remediation and is corrupted by the same misogyinistic greed that debauched the detachment of the first gaze, and the objectification is especially apparent when such material may be viewed on a smartphone, so easily pocketed, distributed, and held totally within the grasp of the veiwer. The personal image make for more of the person to be taken, and bound by mediation.

The looping sex GIF reflect the monotony of the action, a celebration of the repetition, the image format becoming masturbatory in its perpetual never ending near self fulfilment. … Linking to marketing material alongside person material and conspicuous media consumption. … Between sex positive self expression and a sex based peer pressure to be exposed online.