Weekly Summary – 22.12.14 – 28.12.14

by Beauchamp Art

Euros -01

With it being the winter holiday, and I have been sorting through a room full of stuff and my Grandfather’s old clothes, which I have taken to wearing, appropriating his aesthetic as a form of sustaining continuum and mourning.

I have been considering familiarity, isolationism, and the role of commercialised self-published imagery, though besides a few photos and a small snippet of text, I have not been able to produce much in response, and have been restricted by the technical limitations of being away from my computer for such a period. Nevertheless, having broken my phone a replaced it with an spare, superior device, which may also function as a future display media (it also makes the Multimedia MSG piece I finished off before coming here a swan song for that phone).

Returning to Norwich next week should allow me to start editing my photographs and get working on further practical work, as well as redrafting my essay, and finishing off my personal statement for my MA application; though I may still require the Career’s Officer’s assistance with completing the online forms. However, once I have secured a place, I can start looking for funding, and/or employment for the next year.

Shed - 02

Macro photos of coal from the coal shed been collected to feed the fire and keep out winter.

Cap Gun - 07