Digital: Chomsky Glitch GIF

by Beauchamp Art


This GIF was made from a plain portrait photograph of Professor Noam Chomsky, which was repeated distorted using TextEdit, then animated with Photoshop. This was intended to play on the pragmatics of the professor, who is associated with being a widely renowned academic, linguist and political critique. He was used, to a certain extent, as the visual embodiment of open discourse and the need for informational transparency and accountability. This was used as the header image for a discussion on Distorted Information, in response to the claim “no one benefits from distorted information” [Reed, 2014: 5], arguing that many do, just not the proletariat masses.



Reed, Thomas V. (2014) Digitized Lives: Culture, Power and Social Change in the Internet Era. Paperback. Routledge. New York, USA.