Weekly Summary – 5.1.15 – 11.12.15

by Beauchamp Art

Quiet - 12

Starting the week, and the year, with a nearly 4 hour group tutorial seems an effective foreshadowing to the thoroughness I hope to apply to the remainder of the course, seconded in the Briefing. We discussed the overall layout of the project, but also the necessity to consider work beyond the final exhibition, and as a means of establishing a fairly secure basis for a continuing art practice, and the importance of carefully managing time, so as to not squander what we have, and make the most of the University and beyond. I was also advised to read every sentence of my essay with as much, or more, vigour than I would expect of my audience, to make it the best bit of writing I can. However, as I still am adamant to write beyond the dissertation, I need to consider how to weigh that up alongside practical work, which is for the most part as struggling area. though this was discussed further in my Dissertation tutorial, where I was recommend to make work and not to worry too much about the writing, though doing a few more sketches has been helpful, alongside DrawSoc sessions and FemSoc discussion.

My Presentation went fairly well, and I managed to cover most of the necessary ground, though I was only able to develop some points when asked questions. I also filmed the presentation, though due to accidentally have the camera run at 50fps and YouTube disabling me from uploading 15min+ videos, I had to split it into two sections, alongside a fast-forwarded, hyperspeed version to reflect the content further.

The Creative Writing Workshop was fairly interesting, though a greater level of engagement with the others in the group would have been beneficial, though still provided an oppertunity for word play, but not as an area to debate experimental essay writing.

I made another trip to London and managed to get around a number of galleries, seeing some relevant exhibitions, including Pipilotti Rist at the Hauser and Wirth and the End User show at the Southbank Centre.

I also assisted with installing Henry’s video DRONE at an exhibition in King’s Lynn, though took a limited amount of photographs, due to the presence of another press photograph, and a nearly-full hard-drive. Hence editing photos has to be more tentative and selective.



Henry Driver DRONE Installation - 02

Lizze & Nicole Stew Performance - 05