Photos: Nicole Hudson Stew Performance

by Beauchamp Art

Nicole Stew Performance [Hear the Sound, Become the Sculpture] - 09

Nicole Hudson Stew Performance [Hear the Sound, Become the Sculpture]

Photos documenting Nicole Hudson’s Performance at the Stew Gallery, Hear the Sound, Become the Sculpture.

As this performance involved members of the audience actively participating with multiple coloured objects, there was a fair range of material for me to photograph, and meant that I could be involved with the event without being directly engaged (it also meant I could move around freely to take pictures from number of angles and at a greater proximity).

Similarly, although this was Nicole’s event amongst the other works in the exhibition, she did not participate in the performance itself, but rather played an audio track reading through a set of instructions read by Lizzie (with whom she participated in another performance) who minted a presence through the event. The actions involved pick up and manipulating the object as a group, resulting in numerous spontaneous sculptures that existed in ephemera.

Nicole Stew Performance [Hear the Sound, Become the Sculpture] - 01
Given the strong presence of distinct colours in the performance, then the white balance had to be as neutral a possible, so that the objects could be sautéed fully, without having to manually mask off each form and increase the colours. This thus required some delicate adjustments, brining selected tones in each picture without transcending the playful aesthetic and producing a ludicrous aesthetic. As the whole performance involved a positive atmosphere of play (with laughter erupting as it progressed, and the arrangements become more experimental) so the pictures were brightened slightly, especially the dark areas, reducing the light contrast, before flattening some of the blackest ares in the RAW RGB adjustments.

On of these images was featured in the Degree Show publication to illustrate Nicole’s practice, and in a number of minor collage works editing all but the objects out of the pictures.


Nicole Stew Performance [Hear the Sound, Become the Sculpture] - 15