Photos: Quiet

by Beauchamp Art

Quiet - 12


A Quiet walk around the village.

Contrasting to most of my photography which has a particularly chaotic and explicitly digital aesthetic, Quiet was meant the antithesis, still suggesting ideas surrounding communication and human interaction, but through the absence of embodiment; a place connected to the rest of the country through its farms and telegraph poles. Muted scenes of human contact, querying the anthropocentric perspective of rural countryside as somehow distant from industry and the information superhighway, yet unavoidably affected by urbanisation.
There is no phone signal in most of the village, besides in one parking space by the village hall, or on top of small hill, Elidor, within the school gates. There are benches at the most idyllic views of the landscape, which are pointless for locals as they have seen the hills fold under the horizon in the same fashion for years.
Communication is spartan, so the already bleak network infrastructure of the place over-clocks. The telegraph poles are sundials of semi-functionality; made from the wood of trees beyond the boundaries of village, counting cop rotations beside blinking street lights. The Citizenlink, a village internet hub is closed, there is one bus a day, and nothing on the noticeboards. It is quiet, the main road remains fairly busy, and the pulse of the place stays steady. Any slight change is bizarre.

Quiet - 01

Quiet - 06