Weekly Summary – 19.1.15 – 25.1.15

by Beauchamp Art

Pause (Triptych) Stills - 16

Due to running out of virtual space, I have had to deal with external storage issues, before being able to make any more digital work. though having freed just enough space for a small amount of video editing, I finished the film for the Pause (London) event, and taken selective stills from each of my current pieces. And I have plans for a few future pieces. Including a 2-panel video combining first-hand club footage with 3rd-party riot clips; and using the ‘Tween’ GIF frames for the Zoetrope test (having arranged to borrow the university’s converted cake stand) having spoken to the Media Lab staff about a time to use it. It should just involve Printing the images off at the right size, and attaching them to a single piece of paper. If it works well I may film it, or consider it for display.

Nevertheless, I still need to go through and annotate all of my work for this term, alongside finishing off my dissertation, and other bits of writing. Reading Susan Sontag On Photography is fairly interesting, though more contemporary books tend to be more inspiring for progressing works. Though the reading and discussion for the Object: Subject Thematic Crit was useful.

I spent a fair amount of time sorting out the Photography information for the Storehouse submission as well as the Exhibition Photography section of my blog; to push forward the publicity of my photographic works as part of my fine art practice, as well as the commercial potential for specialising in exhibition photography.

I have also been finishing off my MA application, I’m fairly confident with my personal statement, after having it proof read, though there as still some aspects of the form that seem unclear.

Driver; Passenger - Stills - 05

Presentation Stills - 08