Exhibition: Pause [Event]

by Beauchamp Art

Pause [Event] - 15

Pause [Event]

Documentation of the Pause event; private view and performance.

Pause Event

Video documentation of the drawing event.

Pause Event [Stills] - 09

Pause Event [Stills]

Stills from the video.

Pause [Event Dual Panel]

Documentation of the Pause performance alongside the video displayed alongside the drawing surface, from which people could make reference.

Pause Event [Dual Panel] [Stills] - 06

Pause [Event Dual Panel] [Stills]




Pause [Event] - 18

Pause [Event] - 09

Pause [Event] - 03

Pause [Event] - 22

Pause [Event]

Photographic documentation of the Pause event.

Pause Drawing Details 02

Pause Drawing Details

Details from the interactive group drawing for the Pause event.