Photos: Echoplex Reflex

by Beauchamp Art

Echoplex Reflex - 18

Echoplex Reflex

Photographing a projection using live video feedback of a figure gesticulating exuberantly.

This series functions as documentation of the temporary installation and equipment set up required to make the piece, as well as photographs to be considered within their own right as work, though it may still be important to consider the other film and digital works that make up this micro-project.

These initial photographs were taken by playing back feedback footage recorded in the space just prior, so that I became the photographer for my own performance (or that of my representational clone, my digital avatar). The self is fed back on itself, like an online persona created by the user which then the aspire to become, the real self unfixed in their identity, form through the relations with other people. When their is no one to relate to, the mind may become schizoid, split into different conflicting personalities. Each level of the loop lagging behind the initial performance is a fragment form by the initial aciton, deviating with every level of mediation. The figure’s movement, like the broken mind, becomes a mælstrom, collapsing in on itself, unable to break from its own tidal, enveloped by a self-made “spiral of silence” [Hampton, 2013] preventing the identity from breaking from this inescapable rhythm, this madness, this feedback.

This was the first stage of the downward spiral, “lashed into ungovernable fury” [Poe, 1841].


Echoplex Reflex - 01

Echoplex Reflex - 05



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