Weekly Summary – 26.1.15 – 1.2.14

by Beauchamp Art

Pause [Event] - 09

The primary concern of this week was the installation and execution of the Pause event in the project space, which involved setting up a two-projector display, one showing the original video and the other projecting feedback onto a large sheet of paper which was to feature a communal drawing based on the video and the visual echo generated by the participants and the drawing itself. This was documented through photography and via the camera fuelling the feedback, which needs to be edited into something more concise than the 45 min footage. I was able to document most of the process myself, though some of my peers took photographs whilst I was involved in the drawing.

Re-Present Auto-Captions - 16

Whilst dismantling the original installation, since I had the equipment and room already booked out, I also read through my Presentation Auto-Captions script whist projecting the original footage on myself, mixed with visual feedback from the second projector. Following this, I also was experimenting with the delay between the layers of the footage forming reciprocal image; a visual echo, through various angular bodily movements and pseudo-dance moves.

Echoplex Reflex - 18

Also, following a rotating celebratory hug in respond to a peer’s exhibit that took place on the same week, I have though of using rotating human figures to form a ‘human zoetrope’ onto which to project the Riot/Club footage. However, the club film was not particularly successful, so I may use another second hand source instead of the first hand footage. This has been the first week in some time where being in the studio has taken priority over working at home, and I intend to continue this whilst I have access to the facilities and equipment. Although I am working on my dissertation on and off, it is not high priority due to it being near-completion.

Nevertheless, having sent off my MA application, taken part in more Student Ambassador training, and with the intention of putting forward a SU presidential nomination, what time I have is still scare.

Riot - 06