Photos: Rebecca Liles Sculpture

by Beauchamp Art

Rebecca Liles Sculpture - 11

Rebecca Liles Sculpture

Photographs documenting a polystyrene sculpture by Rebecca Liles.

This was a fairly quick photo-shoot of the sculpture feasting a combination of full length and macro shots. The pictures were taken in colour, but were converted into monochrome greyscale to direct focus onto the textural qualities of the material by way of enhancing the presence of the shadows. Although this actually involved lowing the contrast somewhat, the resulting pictures proved satisfactory, and were an interesting opportunity to experiment with depth over a narrow distance using a short lens (though not the ultra-macro of the inverted lens) taking pictures though the breaks in the sections and examining the complex deformations made by Rebecca’s sculpting of the material.

Rebecca Liles Sculpture - 02

I was requested to photograph this after proving my reliability, having previously documenting the sculpture as part of an installation with Henry Driver, as part of the Savourr XII exhibition, although it had since been modified. Had the time been available, a short video could have been produced, sweeping across the surface in macro, illuminating its qualities as an alien landscape (although Rebecca’s final piece may provide the opportunity to do so). This was discussed, though as yet has not been resolved. Furthermore, two of these pictures were used in the Degree Show publication to show her work.

Rebecca Liles Sculpture - 12