Film: EchoReFlex

by Beauchamp Art

EchoReFlex [2]

[Flashing Images // Epileptic Rave Warning]

To build on the flickering nature of the previous variation, I created a version of the piece that was constantly flashing (though not to total darkness, rather very darkened versions of the frames that were overlaid), with tremolo audio informing the constantly oscillating visual effect, flicking rapidly between light and dark and vice versa. However, this version was seen to be too visually aggressive and made it unwatchable (though paying a reasonable homage to Paul Sharits’, T.O.U.C.H.I.N.G). Although the uses of the flashing imagery was potentially useful, complimenting the colour violence of the fluorescent teal and green combination, it had to be moderated to be of practical use as a video piece.

EchoReFlex [2] [Stills] - 07

EchoReFlex [2] [Stills]

EchoReFlex [1]

From the initial footage, I then compiled a highly complex multi-layered version of the video, with the imagery flipped and overlaid (rather then applying a mirror effect) to create an imperfect symmetry, like that of a Rorschach test (sustaining the manic undercurrent to the progression of the work).

Rather than use just the inert audio, I decided to include a heavily remixed and distorted version of Billy Idol’s Dancing with Myself as a play on the songs title and the content of the video. Amongst the various modifications that transformed the song into noise (which like the video was playing forwards and backwards simultaneously, multi-layered) I applied a tremolo effect, to imitated th flickering aesthetic of the video.

EchoReFlex [1] [Stills] - 11

EchoReFlex [1] [Stills]

Video stills from the EchoReFlex [2] film.

EchoReFlex [0]

EchoReFlex [0] [Stills] - 06

EchoReFlex [0] [Stills]

Video stills from the EchoReFlex [2] film.

EchoReFlex Video 3

Following on from the use of the cut to black in the previous version, I decided to synchronise the flashing with BBC Slippy, my remix combining the BBC News theme by David Lowe and Underworld’s Born Slippy, This began to deal with the issue of the spectacle, as well as recycling the looping motif to reflect the comparison between the 24 Hour rolling news and the 24 Hour Party People, raving at the close of day against the dying of the light.

A looping version of the video was produced and used as the background material for the EchoReFlex event, combined with a second projector connect to a camera, creating a video feedback accompaniment to the video. At this point, the work was still intended to be playing on the notion of the ridiculous, as a form of self-satirising mocking of my own means of producing work out seemingly elaborate means of reprocessing source material with no substance, as a form of Post-Modern lament.

(Let it be noted that editing this footage in the middle of the night resulted in the entire upper floor of my house flashing bright green for about a week, and for the music to have become an ear-worm that has burrowed so deeply into my skull, it now keeps company with the tinnitus. And further I go, down down, deeper and down.)