Weekly Summary – 2.2.15 – 8.2.15

by Beauchamp Art

EchoReFlex [2] [Stills] - 07

This week I have been furthering the EchoReFlex piece into multiple formats to produce a post-media extravaganza of videos, photographs, GIFs and performance of visually aggressive imagery. Alongside this I have been editing the footage from the Pause event, and remaking the film, and drawing up (figuratively and literally; with pencil, paper, and illustrious scribbling) plans for the Riot/Club piece; which may involve using the flashing imagery of EchoReFlex and similar amalgamation public footage as the Pause video.

However, I am expanding my source material to include footage of 90s raves, clips from Trainspotting, set against my underwhelming club clips (I may also use rephotographed images from the promotional material for that club night as part of the montage). However, I tried crossing the flashing green EchoReFlex film with the riot footage featuring police clad in high-visibility jackets; though this appeared more novel that seriously contemplative. Indeed, there is much annotating to be done. |Hence after a meeting with Nick and the rest of the group, we have decided to discontinue the Part-i exhibition project, though we will remain in discussion.

Violent thoughts begets violent as the clamour of chaos erupts.


Nevertheless, I finished off reading Sontag’s On Photography, and began on a book about Stelarc; which is probably the first artist book I have will be reading since first year; as most of my artist research comes from online investigations. Though alongside this, getting through various newspaper sites can take up a fair portion of my day; especially if something particularly useful comes up, such as a recent story on how 7 years of GCHQ surveillance broke 3 acts of EU law, but mostly because their activity was undisclosed, rather than the monitoring itself being considered illegal.

Hollow eyes gaze from above.

Pause [Confusion] [Stills] - 04

I have spent some time this week working on dissertation, due to this reading, though going through and writing an abstract is proving difficult, as being concise when addressing such a range of issues as my Overview of Overload is not straightforward; or rather, it should be but I may be complicating the matter by trying to cover too much ground in the assessment of the necessary materials to be summarised. It is the problem of ‘Exactitude in Science’, the map as big as the territory is represents.

The battlefield begins and ends with the first step beyond the home.

Presentation & Presentation in Auto-Captions [Stills] - 08

Similarly, I have been contending how to display my in book/booklet/magazine format. Not just my dissertation, but possibly samples of my research, such as my London Gallery treks, or small collections of mini-essays that I write alongside my work, and/or collections of images accompanied by text. This last point in particular would e ideal for the pictures from the North, to turn that into a narrative photo album. Having submitted my statement and images for the degree show publication, this has become of a more prominent concern.

The sky darkens with Valkyrie wings.

Evidently, I have been considering future prospects at greater length, and have met with my campaign team, and have submitted my nomination to be SU President, and will be starting to publicise my candidacy shortly. Hopefully I will prove myself worthy of being elected to the role to my peers. Especially as my MA application was not accepted on the grounds that I lack the appropriate qualifications, but I plan to appeal this decision. Though I all else fails I can study for another diploma that would allow me to do the Master later on.

A shadow swoops and the echo of my voice is clawed away.