Event: EchoReFlex

by Beauchamp Art

EchoReFlex [Fast-Forward]

Documentation of the EchoReFlex Event, with the music used removed, due to copyright concerns.

This video was designed to function as documentation of the entire event, sped up considerably so that it could be watched quickly alongside BBC Slippy in full. This is one of the few sections of documentation that features the other participants, mainly Vladimira, within the footage.

Following the straightforward video documentation of the EchoReFlex performance, I subsequently created a series of more experimental films using the footage taken from the camera used to create the live video feedback to accompany and overlay the projected video.

The web Safe version of the film does not feature the original music playing at standard speed and only uses the inert audio. This is due to the copyright on the two songs that make up the BBC Slippy theme. For the same reason, most of these videos areĀ  currently not available online.

EchoReFlex Event Fast Forward [Stills] - 16

EchoReFlex [Fast-Forward] Stills

Documentation of the EchoReFlex video/performance event.

EchoReFlex [Event] - 08

EchoReFlex [Event]

These photos document the EchoReFlex Event, and were mostly taken by me using a timer, but also with some assistance from the crowd.

EchoReFlex [Event] - 17

EchoReFlex [Event] - 05

EchoReFlex [3] [BBC Slippy Loop] Stills - 05

EchoReFlex [3] [BBC Slippy Loop] Stills

Stills from the EchoReFlex [3] [BBC Slippy Loop] film