Photos: Filipa Alexandra Reading Performance

by Beauchamp Art

Filipa Alexandra Performance - 06

Filipa Alexandra Silva Reading Performance

Documentation of a performance by Filipa Alexandra Silva.

The performance did not feature a great deal of movement so this meant that I focused in on selected parts of the surrounding materials alongside Filipa as part of the week-long event. Due to the mix of items, there were a few key areas I could focus on in relation to the figure, although taking a full length picture with the top of the plant in the frame was slightly problematic, as it meant filling the frame with negative space, which had to composed in such a way as to compliment rather than undermine the arrangement, hence a portrait photo was not included in the final set, as made the image seem disproportionally cluttered at ground level.

Filipa Alexandra Performance - 02

The lighting did not provide any real difficulty, as only the spotlights were being used for this section of the performance (it was later rearranged so that the lamp was on, and the rest of the lighting dimmed, though as these were taken during the afternoon with other people still about, we could not completely dim the lights or black out the doorways so that the lamp would have been the only illumination). The colour palette was designed to highlight the ruddy browns of the props, particularly the chair, rug, and book, and lamp. This meant that the white material being worn stood out greatly, with a slightly blue tinge to offset the other objects warm tonality.

Filipa Alexandra Performance - 08

This was done partly as a favour to Filipa as she had booked the landing for the performance, and I was permitted to briefly hijack a section of the space to set up a pop up installation of my M1 Triptych on three CRTs.