Photos: Lazer Blades [Henry & Neil] Norwich Arts Centre

by Beauchamp Art

Lazer Blades [Henry & Neil] Norwich Arts Centre - 01

Lazer Blades [Henry & Neil] Norwich Arts Centre

Photography for Lazer Blades; performing at the Norwich Arts Centre, 20.02.2015; music by Neil James Earl, Visuals by Henry Driver, photography and video by Benjamin S. Beauchamp

This was one of the more successful ventures into event photography, as I managed to present the various elements of the performance and visual effectively. This involved selecting moments of the live-edited video production that were especially dynamic, lining up the surrounding materials, primarily positing Neil as the most prominently element, but also integrating the crowd and other equipment that was on the stage. In coin this, I believe that I captured the atmosphere of the performance, with a crowd transfixed, a musician poised by his instruments, synthesises and other technology, set against the constantly shifting backdrop, which curtailed a combination of the DRONE footage, abstract generated graphics, and various other imagery.

Lazer Blades [Henry & Neil] Norwich Arts Centre - 07

The images required a moderate amount of post-production, as there was such a contrast in lighting between the projection and surrounding silhouetted forms. As I was moving around the floor area throughout the performance, I made use of being unbound by a tripod, though this did mean that most of the shots had to be cropped and levelled out, with some rejected because of camera shake, and all the images are either from ground level or in line with the stage standing by the production desk at the rear of the room,. If I had mounted the camera on the end of a retractable device, it may have been interesting to take photos from higher angles, looking down on the stage. However, this may have then neglected the flat projection that was the focal point.

Lazer Blades [Henry & Neil] Norwich Arts Centre - 24