Weekly Summary – 16.2.15 – 22.2.15

by Beauchamp Art

My campaign to be SU president has been taking up much of my time, working with Alex and Jeanette to produce all the promotional materials and the manifesto, as well as putting together a video, and beginning canvassing with posters and flyers.

I have been assisting some of my peers with their work recently, having done photography for Henry & Neil performing as Lazer Blades at the Arts Centre, as well as documenting Filipa’s Reading performance, and offering technical advice regarding video work. As well as setting up my own pop-up installation in the student gallery featuring my M1 video from last term displayed across 3 CRT screens, on a landscape low-lying plinth (which was only running for around an hour before I dismantled it, so Filipa could begin her performance, as I was borrowing some of her installation space).

M1 CRT Triptych - 07

I attended two student exhibitions, one at Yallops, involve a number of temporary translucent barriers within the space (something similar to which I may use for my double-sided projection installation plan that may form part of my degree show piece). The other at the Stew featured a 2nd Year Goldsmith’s students work filling the gallery with an interesting selection of things, considerably more radical than a lot of the work I have seen in Norwich of late.

Alongside this, I have been setting out my visual research, involving looking over my photos from last London galleries trip, and making note of Sam-Taylor Wood (1995) Brontosaurus, and Gillian Wearing (1994) Dancing in Peckham as points of reference for my EchoReFlex and subsequent Riot/Rave pieces; which I have been editing alongside photos, and making test sections of the film.

Lazer Blades [Henry & Neil] Norwich Arts Centre - 22

Filipa Alexandra Performance - 07