Submission for: Dialogues 2015 – Speculative Matters

by Beauchamp Art

Works in which matter, stuff, things, concepts, performances, images, etc. might strike the viewer as being of uncertain ‘meaning’. This might involve combinations of objects/words/stuff/sound/ gestures that suggest unresolved conversations/interaction. Thingliness, objectness and materiality, the human body/human being as a minute portion of a larger totality rather than at the centre of things. That which is not yet known/uncertain.

My explores the social interaction with digital technologies; the effects and use of mediation, manipulation and the information overload on the individual. I engage in a critical discourse surrounding the man/machine dichotomy through dysphoric digital works. Generating refined chaos that amplifies the interference to find harmonies in the feedback. By exploiting mechanical fallibility to abstract the objective, I distort the subjective, and undermine the perceptive to query the speculative. With a relentlessly frantic curiosity, I capitalise on contextually informed conceptual aestheticism in order to produce a dynamic multitude of works, provoking stimulating debate and discussion.

Pause [Confusion] [Stills] - 05

Pause (2015)

M1 CRT Triptych - 07

M1 (Triptych) (2014)

Re-Presentation in Auto-Captions - II [Stills] - 07

Re-Presentation in Auto-Captions (2015)