Digital: Иo Future

by Beauchamp Art


Иo Future

NUA superimposed onto the ‘Danger of Death’ warning sign.

The basic image was downloaded from the internet, but to make the ’N’ fit into place where the harare bolt fell, the figure was mirrored. This was part of the motivation behind sung the inverted ‘И’ in he title (the letter deriving from Cyrillic script, though does not actually refer to the same phoneme in Russian, and produces a short ‘I’ sound. No Future in Russian would translate as нет будущего, in the Roman script as net budushchego). However, there is no trans-lingual wordplay here, but rather it refers to the inverting of image orientation, and a general sense of mild disorder.

The title itself stems from the lyrics to the Sex Pistols song, God Save the Queen, “There is no future in England’s dreaming […] No future for me” [Sex Pistols, 1977]. This particular line came to mind following the SU Presidential campaign, hearing an individual walking by one of the university buildings with speakers blaring punk spirit. This forms a contrapposto to the Helvetica typeface: the font of order, of road signs, cigarette cartons, and DIY instructions; of unoriginality, mortality, and banality.


Иo Future [Title]

Иo Future

This was designed to be a response to the potential apathy facing graduate who feel they face a bleak future in a unfair society that offers more opportunities for those already with wealth, and a environments that the only value acknowledged by establishment figures is that of money, all else is worthless in a Post-Capitalist economy; time is only worth while if it can be commodified, life has no worth besides the arbitrary numerical doctrine of finance (producing a society that places domestic care at the bottom of the value scale, and those who produce wealth for themselves at the top).

However, this also could be seen to be in response to use of health and safety regulation  and calls for positive marketing that may stifle a genuine creative environment, manufacturing a community unable to comprehend all but safe art, replicating clichés, devoid of the capacity to swim against the maelstrom“spiral of silence” [Hampton, 2013]. The bastardise warning sign serves as a warning itself. The flashing GIF a thunderbolt of oppression from the unquestionable powers that be.

Иo Future

Иo Future



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