Weekly Summary: 23.2.15 – 1.3.15

by Beauchamp Art

Chandelier [Stills] - 05


The primary focus of this week was working on the SU campaign, wandering around canvassing, online promotions, including producing a few GIFs from the pre-existing materials. Unfortunately, my campaign was not successful, though it was a useful enterprise, and the work with the team was worthwhile; and hopefully we can continue with some of the projects we started.


SU campaign promotional GIFs

Following my tutorial, I have been considering my use of sound and music and the editing of my video works, as well as how they are to be seen by the audience. Following this, I re-edited some of the club footage to make ‘Chandelier’; combing club and riot footage, with more of a linear narrative, and varied cuts.

Degree show project space installation 3D mock up

Moreover, as I have been informed that my exhibition space for the Degree Show is PS5: the small room off the top corridor; an isolated space away from the main corridor on the top floor of the St. George’s building; I can start work on a specific installation. For this, I have begun mocking up a few sketches, and a basic 3D model of the room with a idea of the set up with two projectors and a hanging a screen.

As a small aside, I compiled a number of Harry’s digital Portraits animation; using Optical Folw to transit between the images; similar to the animation I made from Aaron’s photocopy disintegration image series last year. Alongside redwriting the essay; a draft of which has to be in for the start of the next week; though due to the SU campaign I am somewhat behind. Though I will be applying for an extension, that only applies for studio work.


No Future