Weekly Summary: 2.3.15 – 8.3.15

by Beauchamp Art

Bable Biblia

Feedback [Orpheus II] - 03

Despite the campaign the previous week, I submitted an amended draft of my dissertation on Monday. It mostly comprised of minor changes since my last tutorial, though from the previous assessed draft there had been some more significant changes. I reformatted the text, increasing the line spacing, and enlarged the images. I also added a cover, contents (sans nombre), abstract, and table of illustrations. I had also made a number of changes to the text, adding additional references throughout (most of which still need rewording, as I am undoubtedly over the 15% maximum for quotations), a short chapter/section on Post-Fordism, and generally tinkered with the wording of some sections.

Hypnos [Stills] - 04

However, I still need to go through and have a thorough breakdown of ever sentence to maximise the efficiency and clarity of my communication so that I can cover the substantial material effectively. Nevertheless, as I wrote around 10K for the first draft, most of what I have to do now is technicalities. Though I am still reading, so I shall continue putting this research in other writing, and should look to submitting for publications.

But since my MA application and SU campaign fell through, and previous failures with submitting work, including the recent Dialogues exhibit (rejected, amongst other reasons, for there being too many proposed video works) I am apprehensive about committing to submitting anything formally (though I did put No Future in for the anonymous art sale). Still, I booked out the project space and plan to experiment with trying out different arrangements for my degree show work; though I will be using current film works, since the specific work to be shown is not yet certain. This should offer a necessary opportunity to test out potential technical requirements or problems, as well as further familiarising myself with the equipment, and the specific needs for display.

Harry's Male Portraits [Stills] - 01

Along with my own work, I also made a few basic transitioning video/animation sequences using my peer, Harry Darlington’s 100 digital portraits, and a layered image of a Pokémon.

I experiment with photography video/projection feedback fed directly into my mouth, with some success. Though attempting to operate 2 cameras and a projector, whilst positioning my head and animating my mouth was somewhat complicated, and the resulting images were very green, and I do not what this hue to totally dominate my degree show work so must considering camera positioning to optimise the visual loop. Following this, and a few other ongoing projects, I have been doing video editing on and off throughout this week.

I had a meeting with Nick and a few other students about his Lonely Spectacle online exhibition/website and the works we intend to produce for that. After some discussion, I realised GIFs derived from the EchoReFlex films would work well, as in that performance I become a lonely spectacle, and the looping, embeddable formate of the GIF is ideal for net art.

Moreover, the SU Student Steering Committee was a useful meeting, and meant I could start levying for some of the proposals from my manifesto with the current president, since I will not get the chance to initiate reform next academic year. Also, as I will be attending Feminist-related events on Monday, I will miss the Societies meeting, so could vouch for some of my concerns beforehand.

I could probably make a small library out of all the things I have to read.