Digital: Cameron Posters

by Beauchamp Art

Alongside the main stem of my practice, I also made these two posters berating David Cameron’s Tory Government in a fairly light-hearted satire, modelling the designs after cultural clichés. These were produced in response to an article from the Guardian, included on the Feminist Society Facebook page, asking for alternative General Election posters.

Death of the NHS

Death of the NHS

The Death of the NHS poster was made in the style of a poster of the horror film classic, Dawn of the Dead, against the anti-NHS Tory rhetoric. The image was taken from Google featuring the current Prime Minister with grim grimace that seemed (in)appropriate for appropriate. I then applied a cutout filter effect, as this effective emulated the style of the original poster (though not to the same quality, the filter’s limitation can prove novel, thereby adding to the potential humour) with a few minor modifications, turning the eyes into a uniform matte black, altering the shades of red, and so forth.

The type was designed to match the post, with the plain text at the top, then a modified typeface from an online database that shared some of the superficial aesthetic qualities of the original, though some minor adjustments painted in manually.

If it bleeds they can tax it

“If it bleeds, they can tax it”

Poster against the taxation of women’s sanitary products as luxury goods, using the ‘Keep calm and carry on’ typesetting, with a tampon superimposed into David Cameron’s mouth; parodying the line ‘If it bleeds, we can kill it’ from the film Predator.  All but the text and tampon were tinted red, although could be seen as fairly crass, it added a sinister aesthetic to figure, echoes the connotations of the sanitary materials (possibly inferring that his mouth is a orifice that need regular obstruction to ebb the flow of waste fluids), but also make another reference back to the original poster being used or satirical purposes.