Weekly Summary – 16.3.15 – 22.3.15

by Beauchamp Art

Feedback [1] [Stills] - 05

Feeding on Thinly Spread Butter I need to focus form from to content, whereas for my dissertation I need to do the converse, and organise the format for the text. In addition to polishing the main body of writing, I will also be producing a glossary of key terms to accompany the essay. In preparation for the Degree show I have booked all the necessary equipment, though it is still uncertain whether I will be able to get what I would ideally like. Moreover, I also booked similar equipment for the week after Easter. In order to text various display and demonstrate a range of possibilities with the equipment available. Lazer Blades [Stills] - 02

I managed to finish of the ‘Feedback’ film involving projecting live video into my mouth, as well as the basic video for Henry & Neil’s recent performance at the Arts Centre, along with a few more sonic experiment using the Choose Life speech from Trainspotting: and a bit of 3D sculpture to wind down. Alongside various visual work I have been listening to articles converted to audio using built in text-to-speech software, in order to maximise the efficiency of my time.

Headache 1

I ran the Drawing Society stand at the Refreshers fair, and managed to get a few new member signed up, but as the life drawing classes have now ceased, and time is melting from the clocks down the back of unkempt desks, organising an outing is increasingly difficult, especially when also working with FemSoc, GreenSoc, and various other commitments. This includes my role as Student Rep; keeping my ear to the ground a listening out for student concerns. In preparation, and following the fairly successful fructose-filled Course Committee, I did my usual ’rounds’ in the studio, taking as long as possible to get from point A to point B, talking at length to any person or particularly excitable inanimate object en route. Strategies made for a useful starting point for some of this talk, though the very small-scale, England-centric focus of the talks on Artist Run Spaces was a notable factor. That, to have any hope in succeeding, one has to have total disregard for any legislation designed to maintain existing hierarchies, and persecute the poor (such as anti-squatting laws, which is now incredibly strictly enforced, whilst simultaneously individuals and companies are able to legal place their finances outside of UK taxation jurisdiction; as its fine to hide millions off shore but it you want to have a roof over your head but cannot afford it through no fault of your own, you are designated sub-human;¬†incarcerated with your human rights removed; your humanity denied). Twenty-four hour delirium rhythm indeed.

Video composition in a spreadsheet; minimalist pattern forming.

I am butter spread too thinly over sliced bread; whilst other deep fry whole loaves in lard…