Photos: ReEchoReFlex

by Beauchamp Art

ReEchoReFlex - 12


Rephotographing the EchoReFlex film, with optical flow. These images were probably some of the stronger, more contemplated works from this series. These images were subsequently used for the Lonely Spectacle GIFs.

These photos could be seen to invoke a sense of post-human surrealism that demands anti-anthropocentrism, and the inherently bizarre or uncanniness that differs from the original surreal as it does not reflect upon the psychological disturbance, but an inhuman slippage more in line with Dada or abstract photography, the non social absurd, ironic (though this is culturally dependant, so must be approach tentatively), or chance misalignment of meaning, the situational glitch or deviation from or attention to the norm, to produce a dehumanised bizarre, automatic surrealism, a product of post modernity that requires, or demands, minimal human intervention to be effectively executed.

Films: EchoReFlex Event

ReEchoReFlex - 01

ReEchoReFlex - 04