Weekly Summary: 23.3.15 – 29.3.15

by Beauchamp Art

Delirium Rhythm [Riot 1] [Stills] - 04

The majority of the week was spent working on the Twenty-Four Hour Delirium Rhythm film, which was originally intended to be just a basic mock-up of a potential video piece to be made from the Riot footage. But after building up the visual layers, and a fairly dense sound-scape, using some of the sound from the found videos and other more musical, appropriated components, as well as text-to speech assets; it has turned out to be of a reasonable enough quality for me to be able to consider using it for the degree show, though I still intend to make more work, hopefully of increasing calibre.

I have been working on making alternative arrangements for the degree show set up, as it appears I will only be able to have access to 1 projector, and not a camera. However, this just means I can make the use of 1, and think that having three layered screens, suspended diagonally opposite the projector in PS5 could make for an interesting installation. Effectively  embodying the visual layering process in the film, reflecting reciprocal mediation & remediation, and the mesh fabric which I intend to use produces a moire effect when overlapped; mirroring the aesthetic of the cinematography.

Deconstructed Darlings [Harry's 100 Portraits Multilayered Optical Flow] - 04

I managed to get through typing up the rest of the Stelarc quotes, which may not find their way into my dissertation, but still make a useful addition to my expanding archive of quotations, and should be useful for informing my practical work.

I began compositing the glossary/appendix for my dissertation and have selected a number of key terms and phrases that could benefit from some further description; that would otherwise not fit into the essay due to the work count, but also some contextual information just needs to be made slightly more explicit.


ReEchoReFlex - 12