Digital: EchoReFlex GIFs

by Beauchamp Art


EchoReFlex GIFs

These GIFs were made from the EchoReFlex Event [7] stills, with Version B playing at half the frame rate. This was in part another attempt a making GIFs for the Lonely Spectacle, but also a means of readdressing the loop, and nihilism of the meaningless, constantly flashing imagery present to the viewer. It demands attention, but has nothing in itself to say, besides ‘keep staring’.

The structurally crafted GIFs could be seen as a means of transposing the humanity into a database, painting by binary numbers. It may be argued that any motivation to dehumanise and convert the body into an inhuman collection of numbers may be seized upon to substitute the figure for numerical figures as the person is forgot in place of the image they present. Simulacra are designated sex appeal because they posit the body within an idealising framework, one that insists on the debasement of the objective individual, turning them into the objectified individual.