Weekly Summary: 6.4.15 – 12.4.15

by Beauchamp Art

Twenty-Four Hour Delirium Rhythm [Riot 7] [Stills] - 11
Due to the number of layers and the automation of the opacity and effects levels, working on the Twenty-Four Hour Delirium Rhythm video has proved somewhat overly demanding for the computer, so I have resorted to exporting and overwriting the video in order to preview it effectively, as even when the sequence was fully rendered, it still lagged, dropped frames, distorted the audio, and made the editing procedure more difficult. Since there were a greater amount of waiting for things to load, I took it upon myself to write annotations whilst working on the video, which made providing myself with instant contextually informed feedback all the more effective; particularly after reading an interview with Lev Manovich discussing his 144 Hours in Kiev piece. This work has required considerably more thorough levels of professionalism within the editing process, as I have begun to consider seriously the possibility of using this work for the degree show. I resorted to bifurcating the footage into two equal length segments and displayed them side-by-side in the split single frame of the video, and thereby reduced the film to around 2 mins. Alongside this, I have also undertaken producing a few more 3D sculptures some digital painting, photography for a small event and around Norwich; with an attrition of articles, bits of books, and general reading too.

Adam Underlight 1

3d model practice with Scupltris

Norwich [Vertical Gardens] - 13

Terry Pratchett & Death memorial image, WIP digital painting.