Photos: Lyam Bewry at the Forum

by Beauchamp Art

Lyam Bewry at the Forum 03

Lyam Bewry at the Forum

Documenting Lyam Bewry performing music from a Gameboy, at The Forum Curve in Norwich.

These images were taken at short notice, primarily for prosperity in support of a peer’s public performance. As yam was perfuming in the Curve, this gave me a chance to see the multi-panel projection screen being used as a visual accompaniment to the Gameboy music being played, offering a synesthesic response to the analogue electronica through the glitch aesthetic of the live-edited visual media, which derived its imagery from pre-programmed elements, video distortion effects, ad an adjacent games console.

Lyam Bewry at the Forum 01

The images required some minor colour and light management in order to establish emphasis on the background visuals whilst also highlighting Lyam before them, which involved darkening some of the surrounding area and selecting a palette for each picture which was also part of a unified style within the series. From the photos taken I believe that I produced a reasonable selection of images.

Lyam Bewry at the Forum 06

It would be useful if in the future I could arrange for me to be able to make use of the Forum Curve Gallery to exhibit some of my own film or photographic work, or even to utilises it as a video backdrop to a performance piece. Although this would require negotiation with the Forum management, as it is mostly council run with some parts privately let, then this should not prove difficult, and would likely be fairly low cost given discussion with others whom I know have had dealings there).