Career Politicians

by Beauchamp Art

The people who want to get into politics as a career are the kinds of people show should stay out of it. It is the people who just want to live their lives that need to be most involved, they are the ones who will understand what it is people actually need, not what it is thought that the people want.

They are the people who just want enough to get by, not the world, not great wealth, or fame, or power; just enough to live their lives in peace, in communities that care for their neighbours, rather than loathing them loathing them, not envious or fearful of difference, but who get along because they just want to get on by, and not be complacent in inequality and unfairness.

Not in the name of any great goal or reward, but because living a content life is reward in itself. Be great, be honest, be humble. Have friends, have family, have home; and only close the curtains at night when you know no one has been left behind, then sleep a peaceful night.