Weekly Summary: 13.4.15 – 19.4.15

by Beauchamp Art

PS5 2 - TFHDR Installation - 05

This was a very practically useful week, as I was able to test the installation of my degree show work on site, and sort out what materials I will need. The fabric I intend to use (having borrowed a piece for this week’s experiments) I can get for around £2 a metre,  I already have enough wire, and I have booked all the equipment I need. So the only small concerns are cutting the black fabric donated by Kelly to use as the curtain on the door, and possibly getting a taller plinth for the show, but even that is not a major concern.

Not only did this give me the opportunity to see how the work fits into the space for the final exhibition, and to work out the practical considerations (fishing wire wrapped around a nail is the simplest and most efficient was of positioning the work, in accordance with the principal of Occam’s Razor), but I could also hear how the work would sound, and it is clear that I need to alter the audio for the piece, as the small room acts a reverberation chamber, so even with the sound at a very low level, it becomes muffled. Therefore, I should reduce some of the distortion and reverb/echo effects in the video itself, as they will come naturally through the acoustic properties of the space, so do not need synthesising.

Going between the final split-panel and the single panel version of TFHDR was useful to see which format would work best, and I settled on the later split version, as it bisects the corner effectively. Moreover, it also meant I could test some ideas that were not possible for the degree show, particularly the double projector with feedback set up, which worked particularly well with the Feedback film of my mouth having video feedback projected directly into it. And testing the EchoReFlex footage in place worked well, as it returned the work to where it was performed and re projected it with more feedback, filling the room with florescent green. Also, as the soundscape for the film uses many of the same elements as TFHDR, it also helped informed me as to how to alter the audio to make it more comprehensible.

Furthermore, I have been going over my dissertation and assembling a Glossary of Terms, an extra section offering some definitions, context and background to a number of specialist phrases that fall outside of the usual semantic framework of an arts essay, and involve language usually associated with political or economic discussion, as well as some information on mythologies that form the basis for more culturally dependent analogies for understanding.

Having finally typed up the rest of the Susan Sontag On Photography quotes, I may look towards doing some further academic writing, as my dissertation is bloated enough already, though the boundary between the formal and the reflective is narrow.

I also did some photographing for Kirstin and Elizabeth’s performances, attended the Storehouse Magazine launch (as one of my photos is featured in the latest edition), as well as going along to a few student exhibitions, having two Student Ambassador shifts, and using my time stacking books in the library to stream an audio book from YouTube, in the perpetual irony of a Post-Fordist Post-Apocalypse, where all the books are burnt at Faranheit 451 to make a Brave New World rise from the ashes.

PS5 1 - EchoReFlex Installation - 10

The Mechanics of Fluid - 15

Foreign Flesh - 02