Digital: Detritus

by Beauchamp Art

Detritus 1


Sculptris model of Detritus from Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series. This was done in a similar manner to some of the digital paintings, as it is a form of fantasy illustration complete as a technical exercise, both in the use of the software and as a means of creating an effective visualisation of a literary character, which in this case was a Troll, within the narrative of the books, an animate figure composed of stone, usually of low intelligence and very strong.


Detritus 2

Therefore, I took onboard the visual rhetoric associated with pre-homo sapien hominids and other large, physically powerful simians. Notable, the skull shape, with the forward jutting brow and high crest derives fairly directly from the anatomy of a gorilla, but morphed to be comparable with a bipedal creature, so the neck most comes down and goes backwards, but the muscle tissue could still extend from the crest to the jaw, which is in itself wide and with a definite underbite. This again is to follow the substance of the novels, as the creatures are said to eat stone, so would naturally require a great deal of power to break up hard substances with their diamond teeth.

Detritus 3

This is the first model I have created with a partially open mouth, where the teeth are visible. Should I have approached this more formally, the mouth would have been left as a cavity, and the teeth would be a separate sub-structure within the model. However, as this was only a quick experimental mould, they were created by essentially folding the line of the inside of the lip underneath itself slightly, so the teeth would appear to emerge from behind a hidden gum-line.

Detritus 4

Moreover, as this creature was not human, then the presence of the eyes was also of less importance, and rather than having an ‘eye-ball’, I thought it would be more logical for there simply to be a crack in the rock face to let light through, so the eye hole would function as a camera obscura, much as light may be reflected and refracted through gaps in underground caverns, created inverted projections on the opposing walls, but in this case, this would be projected onto the inside of the creatures scull, on its silicon brain; resolving a living-inorganic dichotomy of optics.

The figure was initial moulded symmetrically, but after the majority of the key shapes and formations were complete, I carved in a number of unique features to the different sids of the model. This included warping the brow so on side was higher than there other, as if offering a slightly quizzical furrowing of the forehead. The marks around the mouth were made more uneven, and the shape of the shoulders was made fairly dramatically different, this included adding a number of marks, scars, and holes, as if the figure had been mistaken for a mineral deposit and someone had mistakenly attempted to extract some inter ore with the use of a pick-axe.