Digital: Old Man

by Beauchamp Art

Old Man 1

Old Man

Sculptris model of an old man, sculpted without reference, thinking of figures like traditional depictions of Zeus in Classical sculptures, actors Ian McKellen, Donald Sutherland, and the beaded figures form my family. Focusing on creating more of a stylised effect, using the digital aesthetic rather than just attempting photorealism.

Old Man 2

There was a clash of the painterly texture of the hair, and the mottled, more flesh-like feel of the areas of skin, however, this was a fairly successful experiment overall, and the back and upper torso musculature was modeled without a reference with a reasonable degree of anatomical accuracy. Although once again, the eyes were the problematic area, and as I did not use separate spheres so the sockets appeared empty. But at the very least the figure had a level of character outside of being a blank face.


Old Man 3

Moreover, the hair in itself was accomplished trough building up larger sections of rise and fall, then embossing narrower strands into the surface, giving the impression of it functioning as a selection of interconnecting clumps with volume, rather than as one homogeneous mass or flat texturised surface; though admitted not all of the hair was given the same level of attention, as the parts at the front were more resolved than those on the reverse. A similar approach was used for the flesh, dividing it into sections of muscle and fatty issue, which worked well for the elderly subject. This was followed up in the Alter Mann bust.

Old Man 4

Old Man 5