Weekly Summary: – 20.4.15 – 26.4.15

by Beauchamp Art

Projections - TFHDR 2 [Stills] - 04

Finalising the dissertation was the primary focus of this week. This involved: reading it through thoroughly, finalising the glossary, checking the formatting, making sure the contents page aligned with the essay itself, having it read through by a third party to point out possible infractions, in addition to passing the opening few chapters through a plagiarism checker, exporting the essay as a text-to-speech audio file to proof read the text; as this would highlight repetitions, typing errors and unwanted homophones; and formed an effective means of finalising the draft which was submitted on time. Overall, I was fairly pleased with the essay, and I believe that I dealt with the content effectively within the limits of the format (admittedly, stretching them to the limit), though I still would like to expand on some points in the near future or over a more extended investigatory period (possibly for a book, as one of my peers is doing the same).

I also attended the Growing Cities: Crowds, Games and the Web lecture with NUA Senior Lecturer in Games Innovation and Research Marie-Claire Isaaman and NUA Visiting Professor of Architecture Anthony Hudson, which was stimulating, as the topics discussed covered game theory, city planning and simulations of societies, and the prospect of using interactive virtual reality programs (video games et al.) to organise urban space. This seemed intreging, especially after looking at the topic of how homelessness in the Sims City games is discussed in forums.

Projections - EchoReFlex 1 [Stills] - 11b

After editing the pictures last week, this week I edited the projection footage that used the feedback loop, which did not require much editing besides flipping the clips around and adding the original sound (as I was taking photos whilst filming, so this removed the shutter noise). This experimentation also meant that the curation meeting for the corridor and project space could be fairly directly discussed. I relayed my plans for displaying the projection work, as well as adding a portrait television screen to the end of the short stair well to confront the audience as they walk in, and possibly a green light in the entrance to entice people in (as the sound cannot be too loud, or it will disturb other people’s work), but also make the space seem somewhat repulsive, radioactive, otherwise unwelcoming whilst at the same time inciting the viewer’s curiosity to step down into the isolated room.

Projections - Feedback [Stills] - 12

Moreover, I also attended a few more local exhibitions (mostly students work, but one show from Carl, which was good to see), a Student Representative meeting (in which I was the only student present from the Art & Design courses, across all years; so hopefully I effectively voiced student concerns) the Hustings at the Playhouse (with the Labour, Green and UKIP electoral candidates, which was interesting to engage more directly with political figures – though I had met both the Labour & Green party members prior) and a briefing on Friday that mostly address submission, documentation and the degree show.

On top of that I attempted more 3D sculpture, which perhaps is not the most effective use of my time at the moment, but it is an engrossing activity and not totally irrelevant.

Old Man 1