Photos: Henry & Neil – RGB – The Stew

by Beauchamp Art

Henry & Neil - RGB - The Stew - 12

Henry & Neil – RGB – The Stew

Following on from the performance at the Norwich Arts Centre, I was asked to document Henry Driver & Neil James Earl performing at the RGB exhibition in the Stew Gallery.

Neil’s music driven by a combination of various analogue synthesises and effects pedals, producing noise-driven soundscape, as compared to the music he performed at the Arts Centre, which was comparatively more influenced by dance music.

Henry made used of a multi-projector combining live generated imagery; the analogue abstract and the digital video samples, alongside a second camera and projector relating the image on the adjacent wall. This may be comparable to my use of projectors in the Pause performance, but also using the corner dynamics to extend the image from a single non-linear surface to the even more specially endowed corner, similar to the set up used by Pipilotti Rist’s Worry Will Vanish at the Hauser & Wirth gallery.

Henry & Neil - RGB - The Stew - 01

This offered a diversity of imagery for me to work with, enabling me to take a number of interesting and varied photographs of the constantly changing visual dynamics, including the projection being stretch across the uneven texture of the floor, and folding around the three-dimensional forms of the desk, equipment, and onto Neil himself. After the event had finished, I took one or two macro pictures of the set up, but although they did not reflect the complexity of the visual material in full, I could not have taken these images whilst the performance was still happening, as I wold have intruded in the visual field and overstepped a boundary as a photographer.

Henry & Neil - RGB - The Stew - 28

Alongside the main projections, I also took some crowd shots of the silhouettes against the dance of colour and light. I believed this would serve as useful documentary evidence of the sustained audience engagement with the work through the length of the performance. Overall, this was a highly successful event, there was a large audience, the music blared out attacking the inner ears of anyone in the immediate vicinity, and the magic lanterns shone in wild spectacle; all of which my photographers should hopefully provide an effective synopsis.