Weekly Summary: 27.4.15 3.5.15

by Beauchamp Art

Henry & Neil - RGB - The Stew - 01

My tutorial at the start of the week was useful, as we went over ideas for degree show as well as running through the organisation of my work for submission. As this is the final major project that counts for the largest percentage of my grade, I am taking particular care as to how my documentation will be accessed. Though I will be submitting my blog and a few pieces of paper, the majority of my work will be in a digital format, so the structure of the folders is crucial, and having relevant works grouped together with key points signposted could make a major difference. There is little point me submitting a disorganised medley of unpolished ideas, significant woks will be prioritised, and there will be clear distinctions between the Context, Practical and Research, but the cross over will also be made clear, by referencing research in annotations, and feeding work into a wider context, testing displays of ideas and so forth.

Regarding the degree show work, since I have effectively tested the display of the video with an effective substitute for the final set up, and begun work on adjusting the sounds for the space, I have decided to include another smaller piece to support the main work. This most likely involve a portrait television on the floor by the stairwell into the space with a basic video or animation involving the high-vis jacket, possibly some of the same material, but defiantly something green, something deliberately (un)spectacular, to initiate a dialogue between the main imagery and the secondary video. I may also suspend my high-vis vest somewhere in the room, given the space resembles a cloak room hidden off the top corridor, this would be fitting. And if it is possible, I intend to have a green light by the entrance, to attract people in, but also suggest a sense of apprehension, as if the audience were entering a radioactive bunker, glowing plutonium green.

Moreover, much of this week has involved alternating between typing up quotes from Small Screen Aesthetics and tying it in with the notes for TFHDR, EchoReFlex and the SU video, which has resulted in some fairly thorough writing, bringing previous research, including ideas touch upon in my dissertation.

I have also been in discussion with one of my former peers, Lianne Hatcher, who recently graduate about the possibility of having a sort of essay conversation, involving passing a subject back and forth; since we both have addressed similar subject matters, that of technology in society, but cover different areas within that theme; I favor the politicisation of media and the role of consumption, they address the interplay between on and offline, cyberspace, and so on. This could make for an interesting longer-term project, which may result in a blog or book or simply a conversation cataloguing collection of writings; feeding back and bringing in new material as the project evolves. Though this depends on available time post-degree.

Henry & Neil - RGB - The Stew - 07

So the Insight careers fair & talks was therefore rather well timed, for my consideration. The CV talk was straightforward and very useful. A talk on marketing frustrated/stimulated me considerably, though not inspiring me to go into such a career, I did write about some of the issues raised and was thankful I went with Fine Art over Graphics, were anger at the establishment is simply counter-productive rather than being a motivating factor. The insidious magic of marketing comes across as a gross abuse of language, linguistic and otherwise, seeming hell-bent on placing dehumanising propaganda into every aspect of the daily life, to make life seem worthless without consumption, creating an environment where the only thing with value is money, a state of affairs I wish to avoid.

As my practical work at the moment is fairly minimal, as I have been organising what I have already done for submission, the photograph I did for Henry & Neil’s performance at the Stew made for a useful exercise. However, the resulting tinnitus affected my ability to cook and caused a dramatic awareness of the role of periphery sense, resulting from and over prioritisation of sight within society.

Due to the run up to the General Election, I have spent a fair amount of time reflecting on the current political situation, particularly in Britain, so I have done various short bits of writing on the subject matter, as well as talk to peers about related issues, and help organise the visit of the deputy leader of the Green Party. Amelia Womack and the candidate for Norwich South, Lesley Grahame as guest speakers at NUA as part of the Green Society. Moreover, I have also been looking through on or two of the party political broadcasts; the adverts for each party, which has been fairly interesting in itself and useful for discussing my own video I produced for the SU election.

Evidently, everything I have been involving myself in has been somewhat politicised, with going to see Avengers: Age of Ultron, even that was loaded with the fear of the rise of the working class (robot=slave), the role of military intervention and the possibility that Ultron, the multi-faceted rouge AI, is the first Post-Media super-villain, where no one body is dominant, all elements are equally dominant. Though this does still carry some of the problems of the Hydra antagonist; who are essentially a neo-Nazi group designated as one unquestionable evil homogeneous mass. But this simple distinction of Good and Evil works well on screen, though even the somewhat problematic big-screen adaptation of Alan Moore’s Watchmen effectively dealt with a more obscure moral binary (this issue was also deconstructed in Glen Creeber’s analysis of the Kony 2012 viral video).

Fantasy may be considered escapism, but it can paint an accurate picture of what it is people are attempting to escape from; in other words, what is wrong with the environment, the society, the culture, in which they currently are living.