Digital: Skull

by Beauchamp Art

Skull 3


This was a fairly straightforward 3D model of a skull, using a number of online reference images, informed by an understanding of human anatomy. I though a low-resolution skull could be useful as an armature for producing more correctly proportioned head models, hence this was not done too precisely, but mostly just contained the key features.

Skull 1

However, the nose bridge jutted out further than intended, though this was mostly due to the problem of dealing with narrow creases in the software, which often results in the surface rupturing into itself which can be difficult to resolve. Nevertheless, besides the nose and the thinness of the section of bone by the eye socket before the temples, and a few other small details, this was a fairly successful attempt at modelling a skull.

Skull 2

What may improve matters, for this and future projects, is having a three-dimensional subject to work from, as using my own skull (though manipulating the flesh on my face and using a mirror) is not an ideal reference point. It was modelled in higher detail initially, but the number of polygons was reduced to smooth out the features, as it did not need to be texturally perfect.

Skull 4

Skull 5

Skull 6