Degree Show titles and statement

by Beauchamp Art

1: Your name

Benjamin S. Beauchamp

2: Title(s) of work

Twenty Four Hour Delirium Rhythm
Hi-Vis Green-Screen

3: Medium(s)

Digital Video, Voile Fabric, Fishing Line
Digital Video, Monitor

4: Statement

Individuals living within a mass mediated society, “an ‘allnights newsery’ reel that substitutes a ‘reel’ world for reality,” may aspire to machine transcendence, to become unfeeling, unresting, unresisting, to move with a twenty-four hour delirium rhythm. Never missing a beat, stomping in time over the bodies of the weak, weary and unprivileged in a technological apartheid.
The psychopath paves the way to a hollow immortality, where man never dies because it does not live, its simply exists as one endless renewing body of genetic material, a hereditary möbius.
The kinaesthetic wheels of Revolution turn in illusionary movement, denying the possibility of change whilst insisting on an aesthetic of constant progress, without reflection or potential substantial shift.
A riot may be the language of the unheard, but its voices clamouring together in one indecipherable, chaotic cacophony may mark that only the surface of meaning is disturbed, its ripples a highly visible, banal spectacle.